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"You shouldn't need a tech degree to thrive in the digital world."
-Melissa Clark, Owner





How it all began!

It all started with an RV repair.

The owners, Mike and Melissa Clark, called Veterans Mobile RV Service to come out and repair their fifth wheel. During the repairs, Melissa struck up a conversation with the repair service owner and learned that he was overwhelmed by the digital aspects of his business. He was struggling with creating a website for a reasonable cost and finding cost-effective softwares he could use to help him grow.

With Mike and Melissa’s background in the digital world, they knew they could help and offered to help him get started. From this experience and the solutions they were able to provide, the creation of MAPVA began. They found that many small business owners struggle in these areas and with their background and all the amazing software options available they could make a difference to these small businesses. MAPVA’s passion is helping even the smallest businesses grow and reach their dreams. 

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Bachelor's degree in Communications (Public Relations specialty).


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Bachelor's degree in Communications (Television and Cinema Specialty).


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